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Deemas Fashion has done marvellous work on Pakistani semi-formal wear. Similarly, when you cannot decide on the dress for an event that has a level of protocol between informal and party, you are supposed to trust Deemas fashion for it.

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Showing 1–24 of 64 results

Why Pakistani Semi-Formals from Deemas Fashion?

An astounding, excellent collection of semi-formal dresses is awaiting you in the stores of Deemas Fashion. Our unique ideas of heavy as well as casual and formal wear, are apparent. They are impressive in their look and design due to embroidered motifs. They are no doubt one of the most beautiful collections of Pakistan fashion and have won hearts many times at Off the Ramp and many other fashion shows.

Deemas Fashion collection of semi-formal dresses includes maxi, embroidered shirts with bottom pants, Gharara with palazzo pants, cape shorts, frocks, and Pishwas which will make you skip a beat when you experience wearing it. The subtle colour shades and the royal beauty will make you look impressive. In the realm of nimble solutions, to attain desired products, the need to satisfy the expectations of customers and the call for internet-based business has arisen. We offer you a comprehensive collection of dresses just a click away. So do not wait for too much and come shop from us. Our territories are not defined as Pakistan, but we are serving globally. Our 15 years of experience is the reason why customers now trust us with their preferences and demands. They are not reluctant to shop from us for any occasion simply.

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Pakistani semi-formal dresses are what makes our fashion brand unique and preferable for everyone and also why you should trust us with your whole heart. We keep our customers updated with every little detail of their order starting from dye to stitching and the final product. We have not only casual and formal wear but also semi-formal attire. The ease that a semi-formal dress gives you is that you are not bound to any presumption of wearing a certain dress code to the event. Precisely in preparation, Deemas Fashion takes all the necessary steps to ensure that a blow-by-blow account of every dress is reached to its customers as the stitching of the dress progresses.

You can choose what makes you comfortable and something which is not as fancy and heavy as a formal dress. Our semi-formal couture includes Anarkali, frocks, Pishwas and maxi. You can fully customize the dress to your requirements and measurements. We can add sleeves and change the colour of any clothing. This gives us the advantage that people are not reluctant to order from our fashion brand like others. They ought to trust us with their dress buying.

We also present you with the service of making any changes to the dress after you have ordered it. Once it is in the process of being stitched we will keep giving you an update of how much is done and how much is left. So you do not have to deal with the impatience of waiting for your dress and worrying about it.